In general men have not only stronger muscles , but in many cases the muscles are also firmer. There are also women with firm muscles in the case of women who are physically active.

In this case it is possible , and even preferable, to exert greater pressure on the muscles .

Each case is different , ask the person if he or she desired to be massaged with more or less pressure and ask them to warn when they wants to receive a more or less strong pressure .



For man the chest muscles can be massaged directly with the same pressure as any other muscle.

In women the chest muscles may be partially massaged by the sides of the breasts.

It does not exert pressure directly on the breasts of women.



Both men and women have no control over the hardening of the nipples during physical contact such as massages.

It may however be a sign that the person is cold. Cover the person or heat the room accordingly.



The man can not control his erection . Especially during massage. It is therefore quite normal for men to have uncontrolled erection during a massage session .



Natural massage oil stain’s and tends to turn yellow over time. It is therefore recommended to take a shower after a massage and wear dark clothes (black) and avoid the pale colors (white).